Friday, June 6, 2014

Powerful Connection

I met Anamika today for lunch. Been promising ourselves to do that for a few years now.  The last time we did it, we were both commuting far for work - but happened to be closer to each other workspace wise. I still remember the two of us cribbing about our commute and work. Since then we have both moved on. But the friendship seems to have solidified, it is weird I can count the handful times we have met with each other but every time we meet, and I have to say this about all the fellow bloggers whom I have been fortunate to meet - it is as if we have known each other forever and are just picking up where we left off. Just like a forever friendship- I have no idea how this happens. Is it the writing that creates this connection? Or is it the anonymity? Something links us and remains the constant thread that cements these relationships. Honestly I can't think of anything else. So here is to all the bloggers out there - who have come and gone in my life, who continue to remain wonderful friends - many of whom I have only connected via this cyber space but you have supported me through thick and thin with no expectations whatsoever. When I first started blogging in 2006 - this was a space where  I could share personal stories and adventures. And writing always helped me vent, get my thoughts in order, let out steam and what not.  Then came the world of prompts and this blog took birth in 2007. I met so many wonderful writers here, such creativity, such talent. It felt wonderful to be part of such a community of great bloggers.  Thanks to each one of you for your support during my writing adventures - you know who you are.  Thanks to social media that slowly became popular around the same time- I am able to put a face behind most names I have come across in the blogging world.  Maybe some day we will meet in person, maybe not. When we do meet, I am absolutely sure of one thing, we won't feel like we are strangers.  There would be no hiccups or halts in conversation.  We would go on as though we have known each other forever. And when we finally say goodbye, we will wish that we could have gone on for eons longer. That's exactly how Anamika and I felt this noon. What an amazing power of connection we share, just through the world of words! 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rest In Peace, Dear Friend

tears of loss -
streak down my cheeks
hurt in my heart-
show no sign of stopping;
questions arise;
i know the answers 
if onlys and what ifs;
guilty, i plead.

i seek forgiveness
yours, just yours;
ah but its too late-
you are long gone
a decade has vanished
eleven to be precise;
and i had no inkling 
of your passing-

in my rush to live, 
i betrayed our friendship-
in my need to escape;
know not where-
i sacrificed, your needs-
if onlys and what ifs;
guilty, i plead.

i seek forgiveness
yours, only yours;
and to my defense
i should tell you-
i thought of you often
i wished you happiness
i assumed, i hoped
you settled on a farm
with a husband you yearned
and forever love, you deserved-
with babies in tow;
and a family to grow- 
i believed you were joyous.

i saw you tending,
those animals you loved-
i heard you talking,
non stop; about
your passion, your dream-
to own a ranch, your second love.
if onlys and what ifs;
guilty, i plead.
i seek forgiveness
yours, nothing but yours-
today i think of you
i know, your dreams are fulfilled
not in this life perhaps;
but definitely in another -
i see you now-
riding into the distance
with the wind in your hair 
and a smile in the air
those dimples stand out-
your eye twinkles, watch out;
you have found your happy place
i feel you at peace.
now I know i am forgiven
as you rest, dear friend.
i thank you for your understanding.
you were always the best.


I have never written a eulogy before. But today's news was shocking enough to make me write one. It is long overdue, well overdue by a decade. This is for a dear friend whom I parted ways with over a decade ago. We had some really good times. Her tale was dark. Some of you might remember her. Earlier today a mutual friend who made the effort to track her down, emailed me to let me know that she had passed away in 2002. About two years after we bid goodbye. Technology wasn't as it is today. She didn't have an email address that she accessed every day, I remember writing to her but there was no reply. Snail mail was the only solution and even that never worked. Excuses, all excuses. My fault, if only I had put in some more effort. By the time I came to realize my mistake, she had moved on. She had her own personal battles to fight. She was done waiting for friends to lend a listening ear. I don't blame her. The scars were deep, too deep that she lost the battle. Now I know, but it is too late. My biggest regret is that I should have made the effort to stay in touch. Maybe I could have been there to listen when she faced her devils, maybe it wouldn't have come to this- alcohol poisoning I was told. And I wasn't aware. For almost a decade I lived on an assumption. That she was safe, happy and settled. That she had won her battles. I didn't want to believe otherwise, or I would have been consumed by guilt.  And now, I am. I can't stop the tears from flowing. She was a beautiful soul. Inside and out. What happened to her was unimaginable. Not fair. Yet she tried to live positive. Her love of animals, dedication to them often amazed me. She lived for them. She had dreams. She dreamt of a beautiful future away from darkness and filled with light. She gave from her heart, hoping that someday it will bounce back to her. And I believe it will, in another lifetime for sure. I am sure happiness has already knocked on her door since and I bid her goodbye on that note, one last time. I pray that her soul rests in peace. Will miss you, my friend. I hope we will meet and our paths will cross once again, someday. 

Here is her tale (To Terry, With Love)  that I narrated back in 2007, not knowing she had already passed five years before that. Rest in Peace, dear Terry. Rest in Peace.

For Sunday Scribblings
What is my phobia? Esp. after the above incident, my fear is that I might leave things too late and have regrets later. But I have also learnt from this experience. We have but one life, live it to the full, live in the moment, leave no room for regrets, find peace now - with the world, with our lives, with our relationships and then there is no chance of fear. Embrace the peace that comes with living the moment and then there would be no room for phobia. I intend to practice this, to the best of my ability, best of my knowledge.  How about you?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Full Of Words

A fellow was sneaking a peek,
At Mad Kane's limerick week,
Inspiration struck -
Imagination snuck-
He drew the words, with a silver streak.
 I am full of words today. Three years of bottling in my imagination has opened up the floodgates. Now my mind is overflowing with words. My fingers have a mind of their own as they fly over the keyboard to express my innermost thoughts and give vent to this feeling of joy. Like a vagabond who is restless to explore, I find myself stalking the virtual world rediscovering people and places that felt so familiar once upon a time. Strangely, this feels like coming home. Oh yes, I am filled to the brink with words.
Words for strangers who are now friends.
Words for friends who are now strangers.
Words to say "Hey I am Here"
Words to say "Hey You There?"
Words to connect and reconnect
Words that help recollect
Words that access this world of ours
Words to share my world with yours
For Mad Kane's Limerick Prompt, For Sunday Scribbling's Prompt

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Three Years Overdue...

I could use a little brightness after the non stop three day drizzle, how about you? Believe it or not -I was glad nature decided to show mercy with lots of sunshine today.. 

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the rains just not the slow  annoying gloomy variety - more used to the clap of thunder, bolts of lightning, fragrance of the earth, chitchat with family as we gather in the verandah over hot tea and savory snacks- yep nothing like the monsoons in Kerala and childhood years spent at my ancestral home  with the family. Since that's not happening right this moment, I have found beautiful alternatives - fall colors so unique to the land I have made my own for over a decade - blooming yellows, smiley oranges, heartwarming reds- I have indeed fallen in love with the changing seasons here and amongst it all I have my eight year old cuddly bundle of joy. My daughter.

 I guess the weather has woken up the scribe in me that has been dormant for long. Way too long - so here I am reaching out  to my peer bloggers whom I haven't spoken to in years - hope you are all well and kicking. I can't believe it has been nearly three years since I decided to pay this blog a visit. Nope, this is not a come back to the world of blogging. Not by a long shot. Esp. creativity and  writing prompts that I was addicted to eons ago.  My paths diverged a long time back and I don't think I am as passionate about exploring my writing skills as I was a few years ago. But the urge to pen something comes up every now and then. And that's when you will find me here, typing away, to merge my past and future into the NOW. To this very moment and nothing else but the HERE and NOW.

There - a long sigh later, I am done :) Wish you  brightness and sunshine through the winter months. I hope to make it here before the next three years are up !

Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays

How has your holiday week been coming along so far? Mine has been pretty wonderful. On Sunday I got to meet and greet my peers at the studio. It was one of the coolest holiday gatherings I have had in years. We met up, practiced yoga, meditated and finally munched on some yummy veggie delights. It felt wonderful to practice alongside some wonderful teachers, we all taught a part of the class, and it was a round robin routine. I enjoyed it so much, thank you folks, I look forward to the time when we start doing it once a month, can’t wait!

Then this morn I taught another fun class locally, it is usually hard to drag myself out the door on a chilly morning like this, esp. at 5:30 AM when the windshield is still covered in frost. But it must be this passion for yoga that has me so enthusiastic to start the day so early. Believe me, I have never had such excitement rushing through my pores when I worked in IT over the last 12 years. Winters were always harsh and my long commutes would be full of curses and pessimism. And usually I would leave only by 6:30 AM. Not as early as my current ungodly hour, but I remember complaining to no end. But this morn, like every morn over the last three months has been full of energy and enthusiasm. It was lovely to meet with my students and give them an energetic awakening. :) “Hip openers” was my theme of the day, and I think they would still be feeling their hips and thanking me for it…eh, hopefully :)

Then finally as I roll into the morrow, when my star birthday occurs, I am reminded about the importance of the day by Laura, one of my peers. “Tomorrow is the first Winter Solstice in about 400 years to have a full moon and total lunar eclipse”. She said it will be some good cosmic info to share with the students! I do wish I was teaching tomorrow, I do wish I had known this earlier this morn to impart to my pupils! Oh well, I am going to share it with you…enjoy it if you can folks. I loved this article that talks more on this, and as much as I like the summer and the sun, I am growing to love the cheeriness of the winter too… Happy holidays to you, my friends!
PS: Find above a picture taken by my husband during our holidays in Disney earlier this month.
And for those of you who are unaware of my recent activities, I have taken a break from the software world and am teaching, practicing yoga full time. Since I have a little more time in my hands I promise to be more active here in the blogosphere as well as on the social networks, that would be one of my resolutions in 2011. Happy Happy Holidays once again to each one of you.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

√Čtude de Chocolat

Heaven on Earth is what I assume it would be, or as close to heaven as can be!

My cousin who graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, New York, just opened up a place in my hometown of Trivandrum. From the name √Čtude de Chocolat, it sounds like a chocolate haven, but with Christmas round the corner, I heard that his fruit cakes are awesome and heavenly. The truth is I can’t wait to have a mouthwatering bite and feel extremely jealous of those who can! Again, word is that they take orders from and deliver to all parts of India. So dear people, esp. the lucky ones who happen to reside in India, don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Make sure you get a taste of this heavenly holiday treat. Have an extra slice on my behalf, rest assured you will thank me for it. Check out their website and make your order today. Be sure to pass the word, esp. to the residents of Trivandrum. Here is wishing you tons of luck on your new venture and happy baking, cousin dear! As for the rest of you, happy tasting, happy holidays!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Random 25

A request on facebook had me writing this little note. Been ages, hope you have all been well. I have been away for far too long. I hope to return on a regular basis soon, bare with me folks.  These are 25 random things about me.


1. I am a clean freak.

2. Faith, family and friends, in that order, are my greatest strength. They are my weakness too.

3. I am impatient and forgetful, a deadly combination that gets me into trouble all the time.

4. I love romance; I have a romantic outlook of life.

5. Yoga is my passion. Practicing and teaching fulfills my dream.

6. I am dead scared of the creepy crawly, the flying ‘insect’ variety too.

7. Writing helps me heal.

8. I don’t like pets. May be a fish is as far as I would go.

9. I hate imposters.

10. I am not a feminist.

11. I could lose myself for hours in imagination.

12. I love making up stories, I love story telling.

13. I love road trips, though I hate long commutes on a daily basis.

14. I am a people’s person, though there are times I could hibernate for months.

15. Contradictory is my second name; I contradict myself all the time.

16. I have no interest in sports, the only sport I care to watch occasionally is tennis.

17. I have no interest in politics. I like to play the bystander, the listener in most political debates.

18. I went to seven different schools before I hit twelfth grade.

19. I am not used to settling down in one place for long periods of time.

20. Every now and then I get bitten by the travel bug and the itch must be scratched.

21. I hate being out of control.

22. Not sure why I wait until the eleventh hour to get things done. But I do!

23. Running and biking follows the trail of yoga, I love them both.

24. M&M’s are my life. Yeah I love the chocolate gems too, though am talking about the precious two in my life here.

25. I am clumsy. Things slip out of grasp and break often. No expensive breakables for me.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vanishing Time

the chaotic world I flourish in;
moments vanish into air thin-
here, thoughts and feelings seem to spin:
one second am lost, to be found again.


Happy 2010 to all of you. Been ages, time is playing a vanishing act on me. And I can't seem to stop it. Hope you are well. I am not making promises to visit you, because I may not be able to, but you are in my thoughts and I will catch up with you soon.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


flickering flames lined up in a row,
images and shadows follow in tow-
hope reaches out amidst the glow;
it’s time to renew, dreams like a vow.

Karthika is a festival of lights celebrated in the southern part of India. More like Diwali in the North. As a kid it was one of my favorites.

Friday, November 13, 2009


When skies turn dark, and clouds sigh, I think of you.
When words falter and worlds topple, I think of you.
When time trembles and days drift away, I think of you.
I wonder who you are, I wonder what you do,
I am always looking out, for a glimpse of you.
I wonder who I would be, I wonder what I would do,
When our paths does cross, when I finally find you.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Slow Pace

a quaint old town i pass in my commutes
lined with cafes and rickety-stores
slow life thrives in its cobbled stones,
tantalizing me with its hidden tones
half a mile of this utter bliss, teases
my mind to explore more, corners
where he knows me -and i know him
no one remains a stranger for long.
if i could stop and blend in,
gossip and smiles would welcome me in.
i long to savor and drink in
sites and sounds i once knew, flourished in.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


this need to vanish,
disappear into thin air
grasps me from time to time
i long to run away, hide my being –
anonymous incognito
from this world, its responsibilities
this feeling- fit for a coward
cloaks me, defeats my discipline
once again I surrender
a prisoner to restlessness.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tick -Tick

rolling along, often stumbling:
dreaming yesterdays, smiling-
hazy tomorrows, barely caring:
living the moment, not worrying-
befriending enemies, more inviting:
wisdom gained, time ticking.
all -
signs of aging.


Time and age slows us down in a good way, won't you agree? Sure the aches and pains increase physically, but there's also the knowledge that this body isn't the be-all and end-all in life. Our hearts grow younger, wiser with age, at least that's how I look at it. The spirit in us stays the same. Of course, the mind would disagree...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I - Inhale

my forearms push the earth down:
shoulders carry me up with a frown-
burden shifts away from the crown.

II - Exhale

heart and spirit, will not disappoint:
balance and poise, one focal point-
a vertical line, from joint to joint.

III - Breathe

tippy toes fly toward the sky:
the focus is set, gravity i defy-
heady feeling lifts me up high!
different world, from here i spy
my mind rejoices, how i could fly!

I have always had this fear of falling over every time I shifted my weight in the other direction. You know the head down, feet up variety. Yeah, I am talking upside down. But I believe in practice and I am a sucker for yoga. So lately I have been suppressing fear or at least trying to suppress my fear to get up on my head. I can do it against a wall, but that’s cheating as many of my peers have told me. The last couple of days I have tried head-stand smack in the middle of a room, fallen over plenty of times too, but I spy victory at last. I think I have learnt to curb my fear and also hold the posture for a few seconds, only seconds. My fear and focus often brings me rolling down - sometimes with a little poise :) Wanted to write about it here, so that I will push harder and practice some more. Also wanted to thank a friend who taught me the right way. Plus this is my seventh day contribution for the poetry month of April. On to my eighth.

Monday, April 6, 2009


gather around in a circle
let’s travel together this vehicle
into times lost to a trickle.
lost worlds, found by the word
vibrant shades discovered
leaving the listener enamored.


The art of story telling has always fascinated me. To lead the listener into a world where everything seems real, even momentarily, is a great achievement.


her eyes speak to me
plenty, curiously questioning
why? silently enquiring
how? religiously following
where? she holds the reins
so very gently, yet firmly
i am hardly aware, oh my!

Reverance can be a burden, for it is often accompanied by responsibility. A parent-child relationship can be tricky and challenging. I find myself in land-mines pretty regularly. This is just a start on how far that responsibilty can go....

Twinkle Star

once upon a star,
you smiled from afar
your humility and compassion -
my sanctuary, my salvation
i held on at all costs,
never imagining your loss
once upon a star,
i longed from afar


"Once upon a time..."tales are my favorites. So is the "Twinkle, twinkle, little star" rhyme. Thought would combine the two to come up with something unique, still in the draft version...


innocence commands-
i learnt with practice
i am left powerless,
often unarmed-
when all it takes
is one single glance.


Thursday, April 2, 2009


hush, there’s a storm
brewing deep within,
words and thoughts
battle- playing to win!
thoughts flow tangled
while words gently ripen-
unraveling the former
loosen the latter with a whirl.
look, there’s a calm
dancing with a spin
words and thoughts
twirl - waltzing in sync.


My mind draws a blank and then fills up with words, thoughts fall apart fighting to be heard. But when they begin to flow in tandem, it is a symphony, a performance, really a wow!

This is a draft, not sure when I would ever get to finish it, but publshing anyway. It is hard to write when I haven't done anything creative in ages. This was a struggle and it is only Day Two.
But it sure is good to be poeming again.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Scribe

one day at a time,
i intend to scribe
tidbits of rhyme
worth but a dime:
do hop on the ride
to read and write-
for madness is here
month of the insane!

April alas! Time flies by fast. Has it really been a year since I embraced this insanity? Last year I, with many others, took up the challenge of writing a poem per day, thirty in total for the month of April. I managed to do it to my very own surprise. I told myself I would never ever do it again, yet here I am trying to attempt another round of addictive behavior. Not sure if I will go beyond the day due to circumstances, I would like to think I will but I hate to make the commitment. I sure hope, my fellow bloggers interested in poetry would take this up and run with it. Here's to a month of creativity and fun. Happy Poetry Month, Everyone!

PS: “You call this poetry?” many of you are bound to ask. Well, it is really my poor attempt at it, do bear with me and I challenge you to write better. I will be there to read you.

Friday, February 27, 2009


lost to myself, lost in my thoughts
my travels touch oh several realms
unknown to the mind these journeys
of mine, wind through deep-dark alleys
searching for the one, to light my eyes
lost to the world, lost in its ravine depths
my wanders unravel several lifetimes.
I have driven around in circles for hours on end, lost. I have walked up and down aisles, the same aisles, lost. I have wasted time locating exit signs in closed parking spaces, lost. I have climbed up and down stairwells, the same stairwells in enclosed parking lots, searching for my car, lost. I have looked through people, literally stared through them without any form of acknowledgement, lost. I have no sense of direction, I am absentminded, and I have wasted half my life getting physically and mentally lost. Someday when I do find myself again, my lost de-tours would be well worth a laugh, I hope.

For Sunday Scribblings, I am attempting one after a very long time. I could so easily loose myself in this prompt. Thank you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


oodles of ivory-white:
string from left to right-
delicious slippery curls
savory wriggly whirls
melt in my palette, spice
my yester-years to life


Idiyappam aka string hoppers made with rice flour, steam cooked and sprinkled with coconut shavings is a breakfast delight I was raised on. Served with a potato stew, it tastes out of this world. Though it has been eons since I ate the likes, how I wish I could taste a bite of those yummy home-made noodles.
Please note that the picture is not mine, but the result of a simple google search. Thanks.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Young Wisdom

giggles and laughter,
grows my daughter:
tickles and squeals,
oh how she appeals-
her inborn innocence
drowns my misgiving,
her curious nature,
sense of adventure,
sparkles and rekindle
my enthusiasm for life-
her deep blinding trust
to this world’s interest,
seizes me, in wonder
reminds me, to reconsider
my own view, cynical -
of universe in general.
there's much wisdom
i've yet to learn
from one so young.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Years Fly

tied arms and limbs,
untangling simply vain
year is gone, but where
another begun, oh when
my struggle for freedom
unheard, unacknowledged
the daily grind called life
refuse to listen, or budge
and so l trudge along slow
tired, these arms and limbs

Happy New Year, to all those who usually visit me here. Work has kept me busy, no time for creativity- hoping 2009 will give me a break. Hope all are well, I will try to join in the fun when time permits...the one thing I lack immensely.

Friday, December 12, 2008

V is for Visits

This time of the year, there are so many visits.
They can be fun and pleasurable -
visit the family, visit from friends
They can be a pain but unavoidable -
annual visits to the docs, to the dentist, to the eye examiner
They can be nostalgic -
a visit into the past, trip down the memory lane
They can be enthusiastic -
a visit into the future, new year resolutions and goals
So YES, as the year winds down, V stands for Visits in my little corner of the world.
Though my theme word for the holidays and beyond will be N is for "NOW".  Starting this moment, I plan to stay strongly connected to the "NOW", and nothing else but the "NOW". Every time I take the afore mentioned visits, I intend to stay in the moment,  take one breath at a time and savor the NOW. The peace that accompanies will be worth the universal stress combined. Smiles and peace will be my companions, oh yeah - it is a given, befriending the NOW will set me free. And I am sticking to this theme, come hell or high water. Join me,  won't you?
Picture above taken by my husband, so all credits to him. It was during a visit to Disney few winters ago - I figured the message is something we need to keep in mind esp. during this part of the year when stress levels become ridiculous, chant the mantra "Peace On Earth".

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No returns

inadvertent lapse
require desperate measures
to get back on track:
realization struck too late-
for she had already bought,
a one-way ticket to the far corners of hell–
one often traveled by many,
one with absolute no returns-
inadvertent as it seems,
no desperate measure could,
would reverse this lapse.

In response to 3ww prompt, also for TOP's prompt.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Eyes collide, moments are born
tales exchanged on contact alone
great walls erected, tumble down
angry pride banished like cloth worn
powerful connections grown and drawn
as eyes collide and moments are born!
a comment from Mampi had me replacing the words "cloth torn" with "cloth worn" Thank you Mampi.

Friday, August 22, 2008


ripples on the surface
disturbed by splashes
followed by “I did it”s
echo the surroundings

tell me, dear folks,

how would I be bored?
as I settle down relaxed
to watch my three-‘r-old
throw stones in the pond
then screech in delight-
a bundle of excitement,
she is living the moment
without a single complaint

tell me, dear folks, tell me

how easy a habit it is?
to swell with happiness
and pride at her pranks –
when life is filled brinks
with moments like this.


In response to 3WW prompt.

This is also for ReadWritePoem prompt

Thursday, August 14, 2008


the river flows yonder-
gushing with energy
travelling with speed
very much like life, in
pursuit of the unknown

unable to stop yearning,
this need to get entangled
with everything worldly
she hushes and rushes
to be intimate like lovers

when waiting is finally over,
and the goal appears nearer
with happiness within her grasp
inevitable joining but a clasp
why victory still seems unclear?
In response to the 3WW prompt

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


precious time slipped,
a million times
bitter words exchanged,
a million times
soulful tears fell unnoticed,
a million times
hurtful remarks smeared,
a million times
pricey moments melted,
a million times
worlds altered, lives changed-
once more, I am alone.

In response to 3WW prompt.

Friday, August 1, 2008


temporary insanity:
i omitted my karma
to gamble with the devil-
predictable outcome:
i sank even deeper
into permanent insanity.


In response to the 3WW prompt

Thursday, July 17, 2008


a narrow dark hallway,
dim lights lead the way-
she moves with trepidation,
her heart longs salvation-
weary eyes dart side to side:
searching for the lone room,
to quiver and unload in gloom
she finds twenty-seven,
her temporary haven:
fits the key to the door,
escape from the corridor-
to rush in, and lock behind
breathin’, trying to unwind
exhausted and spent-
she collapses on the bed:
only to sit upright
to wait out the night
who would have thought?
terror lurked in her heart-
penniless, her story
fearless, her history!
In response to the 3WW prompt.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


i remember my past,
death gripped last-
escape not so fast
i remember my past!
life drove by fast
and left me aghast-
i remember my past,
death gripped last.
In response to the TOP prompt, note that the image is not mine, but one from a google search.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In Limbo

edge of the precipice-
catastrophe barely delayed:
focus on the reins

circle’s focus,
know not of edge-
break-in delayed

delayed reflex-
lost my edge it seems,
time to focus


In response to the 3WW prompt.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


entranced, the spectator follows every beat
a sworplay between equals, building heat
faces hidden beneath scarves, color of beet
battling wills, first clash and then retreat
mutual respect shone as eyes meet and greet
attack and defend, both warriors so elite
an artform majestic, energetic and neat
sinewy movements with a grace discrete
entranced, the spectator cannot take a seat!


For the last day of NaPoWriMo, I give you an artform I really enjoy.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


a memory, an experience
strong enough to bruise
and erode multiple hearts
sharper than a knife-edge
drawing bloody thoughts
yet one i would relive
over and over again,
till death ends it all!

don't you see? clearly
i am past the point of
no return where regrets
matter, then again not!
for i am captured, addicted
an obedient slave,
with no gate for escape-
without regrets, but waiting
for death to end it all!


In response to Sharon's "What do you not regret, though you should?" . This is again an
addict's perspective, or what I imagine to be an addict's perspective. no, I don't do drugs, but
I have encountered a few who do and it is saddening how low a person can sink once addicted.


an array of distractions
punctuate our mundane lives
birth and death iterates
a known process called life
an unexpected votive flicker
lighting paths unknown, hope
comes in handy when life
begins to molder- bruised
by splinters randomly thrown!
Handle such exceptions with care,
or be prepared to lame for life!


For those in the software industry, you are bound to see the basics
often used in a work environment! For others - if you haven't noticed them already
- 'array', 'process', 'handle', 'exceptions' are some of the most common

In response to Michelle's Friday Five and RWP's jargons prompt.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

His & Hers

is that a 'he' or a 'she'?
for the face looks his,
while the form seems hers:
muscled forearm, ragged frame-
their souls are entwined
like him and her combined-
oh yes, i am definite,
it is a she in a he!
two sharing one whole,
dreaming to calm the soul!
relaxed the face,even asleep -
i long for a window to peep
into the hearts buried deep!


In response to Michelle's Monday Mural

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Utopia Exists

i seek perfection, true completion
i long for a place of absolution
i have traveled most every corner
searching, digging every quarter-
for as outrageous as this will sound,
may be it is Utopia i want found?

why don't you make with what you've?
why do you run seeking what you cannot have?
if happiness can't be found within -
how will you grasp what lies beyond?
so utilize all that you've at birth
let Utopia flourish on this earth!
As they say, 'Where there's a will, there's a way'! I believe everything is within our power to make what we want of it. Mother Earth could be a close replica of Utopia, if collectively we made the effort to do so. Yeah, I have been accused of being a dreamer, an idealist, maybe I am one. But I prefer the positive outlook that leads me forward as opposed to the negatives that turn me stagnant. When it comes to Earth, I am forever optimistic and hope that more people gets some sense knocked into them before She decides 'Enough is Enough' and take things into her own hand. I would avoid her anger in all possible ways I could and hope you will too.
For Michelle's prompt, For WI's prompt, For SS's prompt. What a shame! I wish I could find some jargons to fit in to RWP's prompt as well! :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sing & Dance

buzzing bees:
singing in harmony-
wind provides chorus.

flowering tulips:
dance to the live beat -
of fluttering butterflies.


In response to One Single Impression

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Belief

be a warrior, have plenty of faith
not one or the other, but both apace -
for victory belongs to one so brave
willing to fight yet having faith!
when life throws hurdles one by one
pick up your strenth, forward face:
do your best, stretch your limits
then leave the rest to your faith!
faith has power as you would know,
but not for one who will not show-
courage and spirit combining faith
to win over life's impossible maze!
so be a warrior with plenty of faith
not one or the other but both apace.


My mantra, my belief, one that keeps me going is to be a warrior with lots of faith.
For Michelle's prompt on mantra.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


a picture, a pencil sketch
etched in black and white
stopped me in my tracks,to gaze-
glimpse in bewiderment, in awe
of reflected familiarity,my own?
wait, it can't be, how could it be?

as i trace the features one by one
many an emotion skip my mind
she seems so young, was i ever so?
she was carefree, she lived life so
who is she? why do i feel connected?
stop, she is not me but she is in me
even though we are so disconnected?

i should've known the answer was close
yet it gave me great pleasure, to know
her eyes spoke to me, just as her words
rang in my ears, i knew her deep down
within my heart, the knowledge took shape
just as she walked in to announce
as only she, my adorable ammoomma can do
'Appoopa sketched me, I was seventeen'


This is for my Ammooma, my grandma, who is a role model for me, her grace and her charm
beats no other and she is indeed a woman to be reckoned with. Also fits the prompt for 3WW.
*Appooppa is what I call my grandpa, he was a lucky man.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lost Spring

flip-flops slap the pedicured feet,
bikinis sway in the scorching heat!
shorts and skirts out and about,
sun tan season is here no doubt!
days are longer, nights even shorter,
summer has overtaken spring for sure!
i am disappointed to say the least -
since i consider spring such a feast!


In response to the TOP prompt

Sunday, April 20, 2008


ugliness is inborn
just like goodness,
mixture of the two
does not cause harm
but only compliments-
should they remain
like oil and vinegar:
together yet apart,
embracing yet detached,
separate identities,
preserving character-
easy to move aside,
when time arrives!
key of detachment
is easy to loose:
beware of its risk
when mixing twos-
for negatives arise
as attachment is born,
and flavours bring war
unlike oil and vinegar!
In response to the prompt from Read Write Poem


red attire drapes
beauty sparkling gold:
white swan admires.

eyes dreamy black-
brown gaze notice,
lost look blue.

red lotus petals
compliment pillars golden:
silvery sky awaits.

messenger listens green
pink feet planted:
thoughts colored grey.

This is in response to the prompt from One Single Impression on Colors. This is also a form I have been wanting to try ever since I caught it at lissa's and Christine's blogs. It is called Rothko,
1. A Rothko (poem) can only be written while standing in front of a Rothko (painting).2. A Rothko is three lines, three words per line.3. Three of these nine words must be colors, and their position in the poem must be a tic-tac-toe.4. Like all rules of poetry, break at your own risk.
A little on the painting, this is an oil painting from Raja Ravi Varma, a famed Indian artist on a character called Damayanti, follow the link for the story on Damayanti here and here. Please click on the link here to see a bigger version of the painting itself. I have a framed copy in my personal collection and thought this would be perfect for this poetry form.
My NaPoWriMo for friday, Saturday and Sunday are all done today...whew, I thought I am gonna miss these out. But the prompts took me on a roll.


Don’t be mere survivors,
heroes are true revivers -
fight your darkest fears
triumphs always have ears!


In response to the WI prompt, I think I will take this further, but for now, here's the
draft as I consider it.


voice your sigh
compose a mold
fill brim high
with thoughts of gold

open your heart
break the mold
free your spirit
let peace be the goal


In response to Sunday Scribblings

Thursday, April 17, 2008


what am i abandoning?
i can't help wonder
was it worth exploring?
the road least journeyed
what am i missing?
i am no risk taker
what am i loosing?
i have to ponder -
as I continue to follow
the experienced traveler
before mine.


This was triggered by a favorite poem of mine from Robert Frost. It is an inspiring poem for me, one I wouldn't mind reading over and over again every time indecision captures my mind and plays havoc with it. This is for the Poem In Your Pocket piece I would like to remind my readers of...


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A play

stage is set
actors in place
touching scene
plays its pace -
starting at the
beginning, till it ends.

for each spectator
looking deeply in :
visibility spectacular
acting real -
where beginnings begin
with endless ends!

life is such,
as you will agree:
different views,
different worlds,
depending on the
beholder's eye -
full of beginnings
with no visible ends.


In response to 3WW, and Michelle's 'different views of the window'

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blind Perspective

slippery cool to my skin,
gurgling musical to my ear,
fragrant breath to my nose,
healing nectar to my tongue-
i love to see your face
just for a moment, just once.

you quench my thirst,
you fulfill my need:
you are life-giving,
quite simply the best.
i feel you, i sense you,
i smell you, i taste you
i long to see you, meet you.
just for a moment, just once.

does it matter what color
you are? if i could see,
if these eyes of mine
could see, like i see
in my mind's inner eye,
you will be the color
of the rainbow for sure.
so maybe it is best
that i am blind and cannot see
for surely my dreams would flee -
if i see you, meet you face to face
just for a moment, just once.


I did two prompts in one, this in response to
Sharon's "What color is water?" from a blind man's
perspective as well as Michelle's 'I've never seen the face'