Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A play

stage is set
actors in place
touching scene
plays its pace -
starting at the
beginning, till it ends.

for each spectator
looking deeply in :
visibility spectacular
acting real -
where beginnings begin
with endless ends!

life is such,
as you will agree:
different views,
different worlds,
depending on the
beholder's eye -
full of beginnings
with no visible ends.


In response to 3WW, and Michelle's 'different views of the window'


paisley said...

love the closing stanza on this ul....

Leigh Lear said...

i like it, nice take on both prompts

WriterKat said...

I love the ending - "no visible ends" - so true.

Prats said...

This was so beautiful. You said it so right....all beginning with no sight of the end..

TC said...

I loved the last stanza especially... makes you think.

gautami tripathy said...

The ending clinches it perfectly!

green-eyed monster

anthonynorth said...

'No visible ends'

I'm thinking mystical, searching. It is the journey that is important. If we ever reach the end, what then?

Excellent poem!

mitr_bayarea said...

UL- Good one, especially the last stanca..keep the thoughts coming.

watermaid said...

I like the interplay of beginnings and endings. The first verse is like an incantation.

tumblewords said...

This spins so well - no visible ends is a perfect end! :) Love it...

Noah the Great said...

Ooh! A nice play!

keith hillman said...

Great piece. The world is indeed a stage on which we act out our lives

Bone said...

It made me think of the "life is a play, the world your stage" quote. At least I think that's a quote.

You always use such beautiful language.