Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blind Perspective

slippery cool to my skin,
gurgling musical to my ear,
fragrant breath to my nose,
healing nectar to my tongue-
i love to see your face
just for a moment, just once.

you quench my thirst,
you fulfill my need:
you are life-giving,
quite simply the best.
i feel you, i sense you,
i smell you, i taste you
i long to see you, meet you.
just for a moment, just once.

does it matter what color
you are? if i could see,
if these eyes of mine
could see, like i see
in my mind's inner eye,
you will be the color
of the rainbow for sure.
so maybe it is best
that i am blind and cannot see
for surely my dreams would flee -
if i see you, meet you face to face
just for a moment, just once.


I did two prompts in one, this in response to
Sharon's "What color is water?" from a blind man's
perspective as well as Michelle's 'I've never seen the face'


paisley said...

what a great response to the prompt... i have been playing with this one in the back of my mind too... but nothing i have imagined was this lovely.......

Aareet Krsna said...

The first stanza was brilliant! I loved the descriptive verse.

The poem had an overall unreal feeling to it.

Leigh Lear said...

this was beautiful.

small talk said...

That's a pretty cool poem. Nice.

watermaid said...

I love the way you brought all the senses into play.

Michelle Johnson said...

UL, this is beautiful. I love how you used every sense and had one repetitive line to secure your poem. I enjoyed reading your take so much. Have a nice day.

Greyscale Territory said...

Interesting connection of ideas.



Anonymous said...

You see poetry in every being UL..it is brilliant. keep poeming everyday beyond poetry month..

keith hillman said...

How do you do it? Another inspiring poem.

jimmmaaa said...

Great write! I like it.

Just someone said...

It is so cool; your take on that prompt is so lovely. and the flow of ideas are great! impressive!!