Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Weapon

i write, i type, i deliver
with ten fingers poised
pouring thoughts at will -
rarely do i acknowledge
this weapon at my tips:
one taken for granted,
one least appreciated
but never ever, never once
accredited, recoginzed!
what if i lost them?
what if they paralysed?
where oh where would I be?
how oh how my life lead me?
this life would simply
waste away, it would be
worse than dying surely-
living ghost that i would be
so when i glimpse
these palms of mine
i feel thankful, grateful
totally blessed.
For my tenth NaPoWriMo, I am using Michelle's prompt called My Hands


Scott Clawson said...

I believe each and everyone of us are blessed to have our hands and fingers. I loved 'rarely do i acknowledge this weapon at my tips'....they can be used for such good and unfortunately terrible evil....thank you for sharing your intimate hands poem, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Michelle Johnson said...

I like this take on your hands. I think most people take it for granted that they have all their digits. I don't know what I would do either, if I lost my hand/s. Nice job. Have a nice day. And, its okay that you haven't made it by to comment. We all understand as we each have our own busy days. So, don't worry.

paisley said...

Ul.. before i get going.. i have lost the feed on your site,, and cannot see a button or any way to resume it... without the feed i am not notified that you have updated.. and i do so love keeping track of your work... now... off to read.....

paisley said...

i think this is one thing we can all share,,, what on earth would we do could we not write????

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Oh my gosh, this is so well thought out... Consider them now accredited! I, too, would be lost.

Change in our lives and lack of time: we understand -- and you were always so great about visiting! How can we complain?!

With our new business I am suffering a similar guilt, sigh.

Just get those April poems written for now!

anthonynorth said...

When I was a kid I fell on an electric fire and had half of the top of 4 fingers burnt away.
It took ten operations to rebuild them. I appreciate my digits, that's for sure.
Excellent poem.

tumblewords said...

Nice choice! Where would we be without them...for sure. Good poem!

Just someone said...

nice:) delayed comment from me... hand as a weapon (to write) is pretty cool:)

keith hillman said...

Actually I could spare nine of them as I've never mastered the art of using more than just my right index finger - which even now is a blur as it rushes around the keypad.

Just Jen said...

you could always you dragon speak and still write :D

qualcosa di bello said...

an awesome poem of gratitude! it is very good to take stock of our simple, oft-forgotten gifts & this is a perfect reminder

onemorebeliver said...

lovely.. i write... i type.. thr4 i am.. yes.... i agree with the NaPoWriMo... it is tuff to write every day and i too do not have time to visit everyone i would like to.. but it is a wonderful task.. i am sure we shall all celebrate day 31!!! .. as always your posts are filled with awe and smiles..