Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Miscellaneous Facts

Redness at I am over it and Lucy at Lulu's Petals asked me to complete these memes ages ago. I am combining the two and publishing it. I havent followed the exact rules, but you will get the picture I think.
Links to their posts that has the exact rules are
2. Lucy

Five weird facts about me

1. Clean Freak
I am sometimes forced to limit to surface cleaning because what I see must be clean or I do freak out.

2.Hungry Beast
I turn into a monster if my tummy rumbles for too long, I am evil during those times and its best to stay away from me or I will gobble you down with pleasure.

3. Demolition Woman
I topple and demolish most things that come my way, no, not intentionally, but due to my genetic make-up I would like to think. Need somebody to blame!

4. Last minute Rusher
I have a tendency to leave a task until the last minute before finishing it, somehow I get a rush hurrying my ass in the last minute , it seems! And oh yes, I finish the task on time, I just wait until the deadline to kill myself.

5. Absent-minded Prof.
I have said this before, but I couldn’t say it enough…I am as bad as one can get. So bad that I have learnt to drink coffee with salt in it! “Really?” you ask! No, only joking. Good thing I don’t drink coffee at all, huh!

Five Places I would like to visit or visit again

1. Past
A journey into the past, to a little island in Southern India where my grandma was raised. I would love to experience the culture and life she grew up in…when they had elephants for pets!

2. Future
A road trip into the future to see what my daughter has in store for her, a peek at her family which I hope she would raise some day.

3. Galaxies
I am forever intrigued by the skies above, the world of stars. I wouldn’t mind a visit into the outer space, though it has to be a new mechanism where I don’t have to get into a space ship. Nope, nothing in the world would tempt me to hop on one; as such I hate planes…!

4. Into the Soul
I am fascinated by the intricacies of the human mind, one of these days I would like to travel into inner realms of the human mind and uncover its layers.

5. World of Books
I love the journeys my imagination takes me through a wonderful piece of writing, it’s like the stage is set and I am a character living the story, a good read is always a wonderful place that I journey to. Sometimes, makes up for 1, 2, 3 & 4 above.

Five things I never imagined at 25

1. Blogging and typing my heart out in public.

2. Falling in love twice and feeling comfortable with it. Talking of my husband and daughter here, what were you thinking sheesh!

3. Settling down in a place for longer than five years…my tushy is starting to itch!

4. Eating meat on a regular basis and enjoying it too. I was raised to eat veggies and occasional meat, once in six months perhaps. I still love my veggies, but I like my meat too.

5. Instinct and patience that’s a part and parcel of motherhood!

Now to list people whom I would like to tag, well, I am asking everyone who reads this piece to make a post in their space and leave me a comment. Only if you are interested of course, so tag, you are IT!

In response to the prompt from Sunday Scribblings


keith hillman said...

What an ...er...interesting person you are! And so brave to lay yourself bare before us lot!

I did the first one ( a click on my name will take you straight to it) by I haven't seen the others. My just tag myself!

Redness said...

What a clever thing to do - well done! Your honesty and intrigue is fabulous, Thank YOU ;) xxx.

Shari said...

Well, I never imagined that I'd be eating meat either. But, when I was pregnant with my 3rd baby, I craved it. A journey into outer space? I think I'll just let you experience that one.

lissa said...

Those 5 weird facts of yours could be about me! I sometimes rush even if not at the last minute and sometimes forgetting things that even happen a few minutes ago!

I will do this soon. What is the name of this meme anyway?

Lucy said...

Hi Ul... I'm not sure if my comment worked so I am trying again... You have great answers very honest very weird! haha Actually your weird things were adorable. I love your #2 about falling in love! thanks for doing the tag. xo

Thinking aloud said...

cute!!! clean freak...so am i..gosh, do u know how difficult that is with three boys around?(included hubby boy too)

last minute works for me too...

and patience yeah..motherhood really tames you...

loved knowing so much more about you...

would do this some time...and let you know...:)

Lucy said...

Can I leave another comment? I had to hurry earlier!
Your places to visit were so creative! I would have never thought of past, future, galaxies, soul or books! Wow. Your answers make me want to come along with you! As far as Demolition woman, and Absent minded--shake hands Ul.. I am the biggest absent minded klutz in the galaxies! haha xo

LittleWing said...

oh my, loved it!!..i laughed, smirked, smiled inwardly, sighed...you know all those emotional kinda things...thank you for opening a door into your life... i think that's a terrific meme...it is a hard thing to do expose oneself in writing so to speak...thank you so very much for your kind comments visiting my blog...oh yeah, do you wanna come clean my house?

Marja said...

interesting answers. I will do this one Have to do some thinking to not copy you Have some things in common. Not the cleaning no and I would like to fly up there. We have to beep you up than.

Whitesnake and Steve said...

Ok I'll do it but give me a few days I'll post it on Thurs or Fri your time............Ok.....Happy???

pia said...

OK I would consider it an honor though I have done the weird facts part so much--I don't know if they're is anything left to say. Plus I am weird so...

Have never done the others.

Anonymous said...

UL, I retrieved your comment- it was in the spam bucket!

I really enjoyed your post, especially the part about five places. To me, there is a poem waiting to be written in each one of the places.

I didn't know you were of Indian descent. Maybe that's why you liked my yoga blog. Yoga is one of India's greatest gifts to the world, don't you think?

Shyam said...

Haha... I'm so like you when it comes to the weird facts - except for Point 1. I'm not a rabid neatnik. As for last-minute rushing, you know what they say... when you leave something till the last minute, it only takes a minute to finish! :D