Friday, June 6, 2014

Powerful Connection

I met Anamika today for lunch. Been promising ourselves to do that for a few years now.  The last time we did it, we were both commuting far for work - but happened to be closer to each other workspace wise. I still remember the two of us cribbing about our commute and work. Since then we have both moved on. But the friendship seems to have solidified, it is weird I can count the handful times we have met with each other but every time we meet, and I have to say this about all the fellow bloggers whom I have been fortunate to meet - it is as if we have known each other forever and are just picking up where we left off. Just like a forever friendship- I have no idea how this happens. Is it the writing that creates this connection? Or is it the anonymity? Something links us and remains the constant thread that cements these relationships. Honestly I can't think of anything else. So here is to all the bloggers out there - who have come and gone in my life, who continue to remain wonderful friends - many of whom I have only connected via this cyber space but you have supported me through thick and thin with no expectations whatsoever. When I first started blogging in 2006 - this was a space where  I could share personal stories and adventures. And writing always helped me vent, get my thoughts in order, let out steam and what not.  Then came the world of prompts and this blog took birth in 2007. I met so many wonderful writers here, such creativity, such talent. It felt wonderful to be part of such a community of great bloggers.  Thanks to each one of you for your support during my writing adventures - you know who you are.  Thanks to social media that slowly became popular around the same time- I am able to put a face behind most names I have come across in the blogging world.  Maybe some day we will meet in person, maybe not. When we do meet, I am absolutely sure of one thing, we won't feel like we are strangers.  There would be no hiccups or halts in conversation.  We would go on as though we have known each other forever. And when we finally say goodbye, we will wish that we could have gone on for eons longer. That's exactly how Anamika and I felt this noon. What an amazing power of connection we share, just through the world of words! 


Scribbler said...

Hey Friend, where are you and how is life treating you? Did a brief stint in India for a couple of years, now time to move back to CA. Life's been good, no complaints - not keeping up with my writing though. Started a couple of small scribbles recently on "Medium" and that's when your blogs came into my thoughts. How are things at your end?

UL said...

My friend, I am still here, still blogging on and off - I came to visit you a few times on your blog....let me see if I can access your blog again...missed you. Hope to connect with you again soon :)