Friday, December 12, 2008

V is for Visits

This time of the year, there are so many visits.
They can be fun and pleasurable -
visit the family, visit from friends
They can be a pain but unavoidable -
annual visits to the docs, to the dentist, to the eye examiner
They can be nostalgic -
a visit into the past, trip down the memory lane
They can be enthusiastic -
a visit into the future, new year resolutions and goals
So YES, as the year winds down, V stands for Visits in my little corner of the world.
Though my theme word for the holidays and beyond will be N is for "NOW".  Starting this moment, I plan to stay strongly connected to the "NOW", and nothing else but the "NOW". Every time I take the afore mentioned visits, I intend to stay in the moment,  take one breath at a time and savor the NOW. The peace that accompanies will be worth the universal stress combined. Smiles and peace will be my companions, oh yeah - it is a given, befriending the NOW will set me free. And I am sticking to this theme, come hell or high water. Join me,  won't you?
Picture above taken by my husband, so all credits to him. It was during a visit to Disney few winters ago - I figured the message is something we need to keep in mind esp. during this part of the year when stress levels become ridiculous, chant the mantra "Peace On Earth".


Roger Owen Green said...

love the stark black background!

Jae Rose said...

Yes..if we aren't in the now it too soon becomes past

Gillena Cox said...

good theme word; have a nice Sunday

much love...

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

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