Saturday, October 12, 2013

Three Years Overdue...

I could use a little brightness after the non stop three day drizzle, how about you? Believe it or not -I was glad nature decided to show mercy with lots of sunshine today.. 

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the rains just not the slow  annoying gloomy variety - more used to the clap of thunder, bolts of lightning, fragrance of the earth, chitchat with family as we gather in the verandah over hot tea and savory snacks- yep nothing like the monsoons in Kerala and childhood years spent at my ancestral home  with the family. Since that's not happening right this moment, I have found beautiful alternatives - fall colors so unique to the land I have made my own for over a decade - blooming yellows, smiley oranges, heartwarming reds- I have indeed fallen in love with the changing seasons here and amongst it all I have my eight year old cuddly bundle of joy. My daughter.

 I guess the weather has woken up the scribe in me that has been dormant for long. Way too long - so here I am reaching out  to my peer bloggers whom I haven't spoken to in years - hope you are all well and kicking. I can't believe it has been nearly three years since I decided to pay this blog a visit. Nope, this is not a come back to the world of blogging. Not by a long shot. Esp. creativity and  writing prompts that I was addicted to eons ago.  My paths diverged a long time back and I don't think I am as passionate about exploring my writing skills as I was a few years ago. But the urge to pen something comes up every now and then. And that's when you will find me here, typing away, to merge my past and future into the NOW. To this very moment and nothing else but the HERE and NOW.

There - a long sigh later, I am done :) Wish you  brightness and sunshine through the winter months. I hope to make it here before the next three years are up !


Bone said...

UL! So nice to see you back. Well, not back, but here for now anyway :)

Hope all is well.

UL said...

Thanks Bone , all is well, as well as can be :) - noticed that you are still doing well...will stop by again soon :)