Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays

How has your holiday week been coming along so far? Mine has been pretty wonderful. On Sunday I got to meet and greet my peers at the studio. It was one of the coolest holiday gatherings I have had in years. We met up, practiced yoga, meditated and finally munched on some yummy veggie delights. It felt wonderful to practice alongside some wonderful teachers, we all taught a part of the class, and it was a round robin routine. I enjoyed it so much, thank you folks, I look forward to the time when we start doing it once a month, can’t wait!

Then this morn I taught another fun class locally, it is usually hard to drag myself out the door on a chilly morning like this, esp. at 5:30 AM when the windshield is still covered in frost. But it must be this passion for yoga that has me so enthusiastic to start the day so early. Believe me, I have never had such excitement rushing through my pores when I worked in IT over the last 12 years. Winters were always harsh and my long commutes would be full of curses and pessimism. And usually I would leave only by 6:30 AM. Not as early as my current ungodly hour, but I remember complaining to no end. But this morn, like every morn over the last three months has been full of energy and enthusiasm. It was lovely to meet with my students and give them an energetic awakening. :) “Hip openers” was my theme of the day, and I think they would still be feeling their hips and thanking me for it…eh, hopefully :)

Then finally as I roll into the morrow, when my star birthday occurs, I am reminded about the importance of the day by Laura, one of my peers. “Tomorrow is the first Winter Solstice in about 400 years to have a full moon and total lunar eclipse”. She said it will be some good cosmic info to share with the students! I do wish I was teaching tomorrow, I do wish I had known this earlier this morn to impart to my pupils! Oh well, I am going to share it with you…enjoy it if you can folks. I loved this article that talks more on this, and as much as I like the summer and the sun, I am growing to love the cheeriness of the winter too… Happy holidays to you, my friends!
PS: Find above a picture taken by my husband during our holidays in Disney earlier this month.
And for those of you who are unaware of my recent activities, I have taken a break from the software world and am teaching, practicing yoga full time. Since I have a little more time in my hands I promise to be more active here in the blogosphere as well as on the social networks, that would be one of my resolutions in 2011. Happy Happy Holidays once again to each one of you.


ms pie said...

the holidays passed too quickly for me... working got in the way... disneyland light parade... isn't it the best.. talk abt magically... took my son when he was abt 2-3 tho i think i loved it more!! yoga is a good place to rest and enjoy and sounds like you are... happiest of happy to you dear blog friend... it is good to see you writing... till next time... ms pie/renee

Anonymous said...

Hi chechi,

All the best for your new role

When you wil be active on Face book,pls add me in your friend list.....

Love u and love this bolg...



Anonymous said...

Why no new post?