Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I - Inhale

my forearms push the earth down:
shoulders carry me up with a frown-
burden shifts away from the crown.

II - Exhale

heart and spirit, will not disappoint:
balance and poise, one focal point-
a vertical line, from joint to joint.

III - Breathe

tippy toes fly toward the sky:
the focus is set, gravity i defy-
heady feeling lifts me up high!
different world, from here i spy
my mind rejoices, how i could fly!

I have always had this fear of falling over every time I shifted my weight in the other direction. You know the head down, feet up variety. Yeah, I am talking upside down. But I believe in practice and I am a sucker for yoga. So lately I have been suppressing fear or at least trying to suppress my fear to get up on my head. I can do it against a wall, but that’s cheating as many of my peers have told me. The last couple of days I have tried head-stand smack in the middle of a room, fallen over plenty of times too, but I spy victory at last. I think I have learnt to curb my fear and also hold the posture for a few seconds, only seconds. My fear and focus often brings me rolling down - sometimes with a little poise :) Wanted to write about it here, so that I will push harder and practice some more. Also wanted to thank a friend who taught me the right way. Plus this is my seventh day contribution for the poetry month of April. On to my eighth.


Mampi said...

Compliments on accomplishing the feat(s)

Scribbler said...

Seconds accumulate to minutes and then to hours. Sheersaasana for a couple of seconds? For some of us mere mortals, that's like climbing Everest. So congratulations, Tensing!

Just someone said...

Yoga used to be a staple activity in school! until a few years ago... Not anymore...

Used to be able to do shirsana and halasana with ease :)