Friday, August 22, 2008


ripples on the surface
disturbed by splashes
followed by “I did it”s
echo the surroundings

tell me, dear folks,

how would I be bored?
as I settle down relaxed
to watch my three-‘r-old
throw stones in the pond
then screech in delight-
a bundle of excitement,
she is living the moment
without a single complaint

tell me, dear folks, tell me

how easy a habit it is?
to swell with happiness
and pride at her pranks –
when life is filled brinks
with moments like this.


In response to 3WW prompt.

This is also for ReadWritePoem prompt


Crafty Green Poet said...

very well observed and a lesson for us all!

Anonymous said...

Kid's can be so easily "in the moment", it's so natural for them. While we have to struggle to achieve that "child mind" / "beginner's mind", sometimes envious of their sheer delight.

Babysitting my little nephews and nieces is one the most fun things I get a chance to do -- thanks for a poem that captures the feeling of those moments.

TC said...

I loved this UL. Just the lift up that I needed this afternoon.

I feel the same way every time I'm around my nephew. I simply cannot be bored. There is too much to enjoy.

mitr_bayarea said...

a great one on living in the moment and taking in the joy of your 3 year old...good to see a different tone in this poem..

one more believer said...

there is a proverb abt being childlike to enter heaven... it is good to see you in the fold and writing again... you have been missed...

tumblewords said...

Aw, how nifty! Where would we be without the absolute joy that children share so readily? Great piece!

Just someone said...

Awesome!! it is so sweet, really loved it!

I needed some cheering up... :)

Whitesnake said...

enjoyable girl!