Saturday, April 26, 2008

Utopia Exists

i seek perfection, true completion
i long for a place of absolution
i have traveled most every corner
searching, digging every quarter-
for as outrageous as this will sound,
may be it is Utopia i want found?

why don't you make with what you've?
why do you run seeking what you cannot have?
if happiness can't be found within -
how will you grasp what lies beyond?
so utilize all that you've at birth
let Utopia flourish on this earth!
As they say, 'Where there's a will, there's a way'! I believe everything is within our power to make what we want of it. Mother Earth could be a close replica of Utopia, if collectively we made the effort to do so. Yeah, I have been accused of being a dreamer, an idealist, maybe I am one. But I prefer the positive outlook that leads me forward as opposed to the negatives that turn me stagnant. When it comes to Earth, I am forever optimistic and hope that more people gets some sense knocked into them before She decides 'Enough is Enough' and take things into her own hand. I would avoid her anger in all possible ways I could and hope you will too.
For Michelle's prompt, For WI's prompt, For SS's prompt. What a shame! I wish I could find some jargons to fit in to RWP's prompt as well! :)


Lucy said...

beautiful 'hopeful' piece Ul. I agree this should be our Utopia, and I too wrote of hope. :))
hope all is well on your side of the planet

Michelle Johnson said...

It's so easy to get lost in earth's utopia because its so beautiful. If only everyone would take a look at what's already in front of them. Nice job. Have a nice weekend.

paisley said...

i would love to maintain a utopian point of view,, but i am afraidon this subject i cannot.. too many obstacles... money,., religion,, politics,, hunger,, poverty.. all definite distractions when it comes to focusing a planets efforts on saving itself....

MsRose said...

This is a great perspective! I'd not want to be on Mother Nature's bad side either! eeek...

Hope you are doing well UL!
I've got a new site for you. There are about 50 of my poems on there and more coming that are not linked. You'll see what I mean. Check out

Blessings to you and yours!
MsRose (A.Rose)

jadey said...

Great message here to treat mother earth with respect as she has treated us. Great post.

Granny Smith said...

We have been given a utopian earth. Now we should give earth that gift in return. Stay hopeful, because without hope we stop trying.

MsRose said...

Thank you so much for taking time to read my poems:) I appreciate your words and kindness tremendously.


Marja said...

Absolutely beautiful UL and I agree
we should all be aware and treat mother nature with respect even it is only for the sake of our children. And I tend to find Utopia in nature

anthonynorth said...

I doubt we'll ever achieve this. I'm not even sure a total utopia would be a good idea. With nothing to frustrate us, why would we bother to advance? If we don't advance, do we stagnate?
That said, it would be nice to get a little closer to it, regardless.

myrtle beached whale said...

Beautiful, optimistic piece.

Selma said...

Amen. I hope it is achievable. I really do.

Robin said...

If only we could all agree on what utopia should look like...

I really like Granny Smith's comment - we were given utopia, now it's up to us how to repay this gift.

keith hillman said...

Mother Nature gives as good as she gets! I love the way you've woven so many prompts into one piece. And what a great piece it is.

Noah The Great said...

"it's been such a long
life that we trust
your heart is a whore
and love is just lust.
you want what you can't
and you can't cause of fear
we've got to get
out of here"

(It's all gonna break by Broken social scene)

Rambler said...

I liked your optimism a lot..i always believe on Possibility of Utopia..all it takes is our will and belief..
very well said

texasblu said...

From one idealist to another - I believe too. Loved the poetry - it was perfect. :)

pia said...

I believe we can all make our own Utopia--but damn it takes a lot of work and hope and faith and I'm not sure I have that much

Very insightful :)

tumblewords said...

Great work! As usual... And the fact that you worked three prompts into this piece is utterly fascinating!!

rebecca said...

i'm with you...couldn't agree more. well done and beautifully said.