Friday, April 25, 2008

Sing & Dance

buzzing bees:
singing in harmony-
wind provides chorus.

flowering tulips:
dance to the live beat -
of fluttering butterflies.


In response to One Single Impression


Marja said...

very clever how one stanza flows into the other and how the flowering tulips dance to the beat.
i love butterflies tulips and bees (my grandfather was a beekeeper)

keith hillman said...

What a fabulous little piece. I LOVED it!!

Raven said...

These are wonderful - I love the image of tulips dancing... Lovely.

tumblewords said...

A musical world! Very nice!

This Girl Remembers said...

Oh, both are so beautiful! Seems almost a crime to be reading them while sitting indoors, cut off from all the natural world. :) Must go outside soon.....

SandyCarlson said...

May the chorus ever sing on! These are very nice.
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