Tuesday, April 29, 2008


an array of distractions
punctuate our mundane lives
birth and death iterates
a known process called life
an unexpected votive flicker
lighting paths unknown, hope
comes in handy when life
begins to molder- bruised
by splinters randomly thrown!
Handle such exceptions with care,
or be prepared to lame for life!


For those in the software industry, you are bound to see the basics
often used in a work environment! For others - if you haven't noticed them already
- 'array', 'process', 'handle', 'exceptions' are some of the most common

In response to Michelle's Friday Five and RWP's jargons prompt.


paisley said...

i see in the after comment that the words here are tied into your particular industry,, but when i read the piece,, i saw life.. and i am contented n that ...

Michelle Johnson said...

I'm with Paisley, I'm content to be living in life with all its ups downs. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day.

keith hillman said...

And I'm with both of them! Another gem

Just someone said...

Nice combination of the two prompts; I really like the way you work ideas into your beautiful writing...

totomai said...

the last two lines are excellent. im seeing the entire poem as a metaphor of sort

gautami tripathy said...

This reaches out a another level too. Good going!


Jan Doble said...

i read this through and couldn't even see the connection to RWP's jargon prompt...i just thought it was such a great metaphor for life! then, of course, i saw your explanation of the technical terms...AND i really like how you can make it seem so easy to combine prompts from various sites into ONE poem!