Tuesday, March 25, 2008


waking up i take your dust
and smear on my forehead
a sign of soulful respect
or so i would like to think-
not enough, yes I know:
never enough for all that you
endure and sustain through time,
the burden you carry so willingly
without complain, with relish
deserves far more than mere
acknowledgement every morn -
yet remembrance and respect
even for a moment, is the least
i can do for you Mother, who
give, give and only give
expecting no return.
There's a two line prayer in sanskrit that Hindus chant every morn as soon as one wakes up.
It is a sign of acknowledgement to Mother Earth who carries us in her arms without
question or complain, assuming our burdens as her own. It is a request for her forgiveness, if we unknowingly cause her harm and a daily renewal of promise to treat her with respect as long as we live.
In response to the prompt from Read Write Poem. I would also like to submit this to Milou at her blog on World Poetry Day and Earth.


~beth ♥ said...

The poem itself is beautiful - but do you truly believe our planet does not complain? I think she is tired and weary. Listen. She will tell you.

~beth ♥ said...
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UL said...

we do test her patience, I agree Beth, and I fear her rage like no other...hope we wont get her to loose it.

Crafty Green Poet said...

The earth may well endure but like beth I think she may be complaining quite a lot...

Anonymous said...

Thanks UL,
for your support. You are now on the Earth Day contributors list on

Have a great day,


Christine said...

Beautiful poem, UL. You're really on a roll. The title is spot on.

What is the prayer you recite? Can you translate it for us? I'd love to know it.

anthonynorth said...

Excellent poem and point. Though like a good mother, Gaia chastises her delinquent children now and again.

keith hillman said...

I think Mother Earth is above complaining.At least I hope so!

Lea said...

I love this... I love that first line, it is a prayer. I don't know that she complains, I think she just is... and part of that is to shrug when her mantle gets too tight... or waters too polluted, or drills to close to the core... No complaints, just doing what the earth does to bring herself back into balance... your wise words of respect wear well on her, like a strand of stars...