Thursday, March 20, 2008

Did I mention?

i have an allergy,
drop-down-dead variety?
nay - but worse really.

i go through days
without many sways
then succumb, and pays

i indulge
from time to time
give in
or go insane

..then suffer..

i break out in rashes
when it's more than just dashes
my poor skin crashes

ugly and itchy
painful and scratchy
scary and leachy

but tell me –
dear one,
tell me -
is anything worse?

..than a chocolate allergy..


It is almost late for submitting to this prompt at SS but couldn't resist as there were so many to choose from. What stood out for me was the 'Chocolate'. What I couldn’t have, but what I could dream about and write pages on. Yes, I have a coco allergy, bummer innit? Yeah, you know where you can take those sympathies. As a kid, I thought I was most unfortunate to be born and not be able to savor what I considered then, well, what I still consider as the 'heaven on earth' feeling. My doctor advised my parents to keep me away from those chocolate chips and likes. I suffered. No suffering could be worse surely. Who could resist chocolates? With age the allergy did not disappear but decreased. I could indulge in small quantities, very tiny amounts of chocolate. But the suffering never ceased. Will it ever? I drool at the thought of chocolate to this very day.


keith hillman said...

Easter without chocolate - anytime without chocolate! I cannot imagine it. How could you bear to even post that yummy pic at the top of your piece?

UL said...
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UL said...

well Keith, I have learnt to just look and not taste as often as I like....sad, I know!! Happy Easter to you, eat lots of chocolates for me as well. :)

Granny Smith said...

Life without chocolate? Unthinkable! I depend on it daily - dark chocolate covered ginger or expresso beans, chocolate mint chip ice cream at bedtime... Am I torturing you? Sorry!

Whitesnake said...

Ya gonna get fat!

Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

Why is it that the things we love can also be the worst for us?? Temptation must be so difficult to master!

Redness said...

Ohhhh Nooooo you poor Luv ... wheat, gluten, dairy, nightshades, chemicals, all manageable ... but your's ... the pits! Beautifully written!

Thinking aloud said...

awww...i just cannot imagine this...what a bummer indeed!!! that pic had me salivating...:)

qualcosa di bello said...

probably not! i mostly likely would succumb & suffer if i had this allergy