Thursday, March 6, 2008


Stuck in the past?
"Move with the present",
Or time walks away!

Falling leaves, colorful:
Scribble states, "seasons change"
Springing greens, inevitable!

Drift like the clouds:
"Time waits for no man or beast",
Constant a myth!


In response to the prompt from One Single Impression
Also in response to MK's prompt from last week.
I haven't had a chance to say hello and make posts over the past few days, it seems like the rest of the week will be slow as well. But I will be visiting you the meantime, stay safe. Happy Blogging. I hope to free myself up soon and then get back in the game, miss you all much. Hope you are well, thanks for all the wonderful comments


qualcosa di bello said...

fantastic! especially the line "time walks away" sure does if you don't move to its rhythm

Roswila said...

"Move with the present",
Or time walks away!

Wonderful way to express this insight.

Christine said...

I saw your name on the Featured Poet's section of poets who blog, so I came by to find one of yours I haven't read yet.

I really like the flow of this one. Your writing has a sense of energy to it, like bursts of feeling.