Sunday, November 7, 2010

Random 25

A request on facebook had me writing this little note. Been ages, hope you have all been well. I have been away for far too long. I hope to return on a regular basis soon, bare with me folks.  These are 25 random things about me.


1. I am a clean freak.

2. Faith, family and friends, in that order, are my greatest strength. They are my weakness too.

3. I am impatient and forgetful, a deadly combination that gets me into trouble all the time.

4. I love romance; I have a romantic outlook of life.

5. Yoga is my passion. Practicing and teaching fulfills my dream.

6. I am dead scared of the creepy crawly, the flying ‘insect’ variety too.

7. Writing helps me heal.

8. I don’t like pets. May be a fish is as far as I would go.

9. I hate imposters.

10. I am not a feminist.

11. I could lose myself for hours in imagination.

12. I love making up stories, I love story telling.

13. I love road trips, though I hate long commutes on a daily basis.

14. I am a people’s person, though there are times I could hibernate for months.

15. Contradictory is my second name; I contradict myself all the time.

16. I have no interest in sports, the only sport I care to watch occasionally is tennis.

17. I have no interest in politics. I like to play the bystander, the listener in most political debates.

18. I went to seven different schools before I hit twelfth grade.

19. I am not used to settling down in one place for long periods of time.

20. Every now and then I get bitten by the travel bug and the itch must be scratched.

21. I hate being out of control.

22. Not sure why I wait until the eleventh hour to get things done. But I do!

23. Running and biking follows the trail of yoga, I love them both.

24. M&M’s are my life. Yeah I love the chocolate gems too, though am talking about the precious two in my life here.

25. I am clumsy. Things slip out of grasp and break often. No expensive breakables for me.

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ms pie said...

funny how life goes on without a note on intention... i came thru via poetic endeavors link... eye opening request.. love these lists... nos 17 & 18 can totally relate... it's snowing blizzard weather what else to do but sit in front of the screen... and how surprised i was to see you... yr on facebook??!!! letz be friends... haha... so so happy.. take care xxoxoxoxxo ms pie