Friday, November 13, 2009


When skies turn dark, and clouds sigh, I think of you.
When words falter and worlds topple, I think of you.
When time trembles and days drift away, I think of you.
I wonder who you are, I wonder what you do,
I am always looking out, for a glimpse of you.
I wonder who I would be, I wonder what I would do,
When our paths does cross, when I finally find you.


Michelle Johnson said...

welcome back ul. it's nice to see you back in the folds again. you've captured the excitement and wonder of finding that one who will finish defining you so well. have a great weekend.

Just someone said...

That is really a beautiful piece! it says a lot... and very thought provoking

gayathri said...

hi,UL those are i wuld say "lovely words"for the lack of a better word to describe them.

UL said...

Michelle- it has been ages I know...this past year my direction turned elsewhere...hope to do better this next promises, hope you are well..

JS - thanks as always for the support.

Gaya - hi!!! Lovely to see you here, hope you are to you and yours.

Saya said...


Shas said...

Curiosity, anxiety and anticipation all mixed n served together. Good one.

Mampi said...

time tells automatically what to do when the paths finally cross.