Tuesday, May 12, 2009


this need to vanish,
disappear into thin air
grasps me from time to time
i long to run away, hide my being –
anonymous incognito
from this world, its responsibilities
this feeling- fit for a coward
cloaks me, defeats my discipline
once again I surrender
a prisoner to restlessness.


Saya said...

Thank you for leading me to your lovely blog.. I will devour your posts one by one. Right up my street.

Mampi said...

let me know where you would hide, for i m looking for one such place-to be where none else is,
No, it is not cowardice-its just an opportunity to come closer to my own self.

Saya said...


Something along the lines of what you have written :-)

Saya said...

Here it is UL. My comment.

Just someone said...

I have the same feeling you mention, but couldn't hv described it as well as you have;

It is just awesome! You are an amazing writer :)