Tuesday, February 10, 2009


oodles of ivory-white:
string from left to right-
delicious slippery curls
savory wriggly whirls
melt in my palette, spice
my yester-years to life


Idiyappam aka string hoppers made with rice flour, steam cooked and sprinkled with coconut shavings is a breakfast delight I was raised on. Served with a potato stew, it tastes out of this world. Though it has been eons since I ate the likes, how I wish I could taste a bite of those yummy home-made noodles.
Please note that the picture is not mine, but the result of a simple google search. Thanks.


Mampi said...

If life were as simple as these knitted marvels.

Just someone said...

short and sweet! and yummy:)

qualcosa di bello said...

very lyrical, lovely rhythm...wrapped in such a sweet memory

Sunil Jacob said...

I never knew Idiyappam could fuel such poetry! Lovely piece.

Vrinda said...

I am thrilled by your poetry.
All I can say, is a big WOW!
You are gifted,girl...
Thanks for your comments(0n vsketch)
Yes, I am going through your postings to get to know you more ..