Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Life Begins

pitter patter
your dreams come true

does it matter?
how time just flew?

merry laughter
will soon find you

tender shatter
through and through

pitter patter
timeless wonder,
life anew.


This is for a dear friend who recently discovered that she was pregnant, I am delighted for her.
Here's to hoping she has a wonderful pregnancy and a joyous time to look forward to.
Today is also the beginning of the National Poetry Month, I am hoping to do a poem-a-day. This is the first of my contributions. Here's the link to the Read Write NaPoWriMo, there's also prompts at Michelle's Poefusion if you need ideas. So come on join the bandwagon, if I can do it, you can too.


Michelle Johnson said...

What a lovely dedication to your friend who's expecting. She will be so pleased with this tribute. Let her know that I said congrats.

Along the same lines, we have 4 new kittens as of last night from a stray cat we sort of adopted. They are so cute, too. Have a nice day.

Thanks for your comment today.

anthonynorth said...

A nice, feel-good poem, that one :-)

keith hillman said...

How nice of you to dedicate a poem to your friend, and what a lovely piece it is.

Linda Jacobs said...

What a nice gift! I like your rhyme, too! Simple and sweet!

daisies said...

how lovely and so beautifully lyrical :)

One More Believer said...

oh, awesome tribute to your lovely friend... there's nothin so wonderful as the first moment you find out your gonna have a child... the best of 30 days to you...